Celebrate 100 years of Nikola Tesla. Support a scholarship towards wireless electricity. Enjoy your own limited edition Tesla Medal.

Tesla Medal
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"While we are elated over the results achieved we are pressing on, inspired with the hope and conviction that this is just a beginning, a forerunner of further and still greater accomplishments."

Nikola Tesla, May 18, 1917  

Your purchase of the limited edition Tesla Medal will fund a scholarship.

Read about the scholarship and encourage a senior high school student to apply. 

100 years ago on May 18, 1917, at the height of World War 1, Nikola Tesla accepted the 7th "Edison Medal" at the annual meeting of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers in New York City. He concluded his speech "We are coming to great results, but we must be prepared for a condition of paralysis for quite a while.  We are facing a crisis such as the world has never seen before, and until the situation clears the best thing we can do is to devise some scheme for overcoming the submarines, and that is what I am doing now."  

In the fall of 1917 Tesla's Tower at Wardenclyffe was ordered destroyed and he never returned to his extensive work on wireless electricity.  100 years later this medal and scholarship is a small step towards renewing the search a new pioneer for wireless energy.  It's goal is to inspire a new generation of scientists.

Northern Imagination is the company behind a Statue of Nikola Tesla in the Silicon Valley.